Latest version of patch (1.3 for 8/11 update)

Standalone textures for 8/11 patch

ReadMe for version 1.3

ReadMe for version 1.2 and earlier (also works for VoidStalkerZero's patch)

Video installation tutorials for the less tech-savvy users (for v1.2 and earlier or VoidStalkerZero's patch). NOTE: IF YOU CAN'T FIND THE STEAM FOLDER IN PROGRAM FILES, LOOK FOR IT IN PROGRAM FILES (x86)!

Fresh installation video (if you've never installed the patch before)

Update installation video (if you've installed an old version and want to update)

Patch for 8/11 update is done. This is the last update I'll do. Also, the patch file expires in 24 hours and I'll be replacing it with just the textures by themselves, that way I won't be redistributing the whole game. Installation will be different but hopefully just as easy. ReadMe has been updated to reflect this change.